Chapter Resources

OCCM Chapter Resources

Having resources and guides are key to the success of your OCCM Chapter. This page is your one-stop-shop to locate materials and resources for your Chapter -- whether to start it up or to keep it going and attuned with the OCCM objectives.  

We are working to develop standardized materials that can be utilized uniformly at all the Chapters, such as tabling events. Check this page frequently, especially the OCCM Toolkit section, for standardized print materials that you can use for your Chapter events.

OCCM Rules of the Road

OCCM Guidebook & Manual

Review the OCCM Guidebook & Manual thoroughly as a guide to understand the OCCM organization, its mission, and objectives; understand the roles needed to be fulfilled for a successful campus ministry organization. Keep this manual very close to you and learn it well!

OCCM Life Booklet

OCCM has five pillars, known as OCCM Life by which our OCCM meetings and activities revolve around: Education, Worship, Fellowship, Service, and Evangelism. The most successful OCCM chapters include a good mix of all of these elements. Download this booklet to help you set a plan for your Chapter which will be inclusive of the OCCM Life pillars.

Chapter Elections Guidelines

In an effort to standardize the ministry of OCCM chapters across the Diocese, the Executive Board has developed a standard election and voting process to be used precisely across all OCCM chapters. In addition, also download the Nomination Form Template.

OCCM Promotion and Marketing Collaterals

OCCM Banner (Horizontal)

OCCM Banner (Vertical)

Please use this "standard banner" for tabling events and any OCCM events. The artwork is a PDF file, made for horizontal and vertical banners. Download the file and work with your local printer (FedEx Office, UPS Store, etc.) to print the size you desire. Check with your SGA as some promotional items may be funded by SGA. If you need customization (e.g., adding your SGA logo to the artwork), please contact us. 

OCCM Merchandise Catalog

A catalog of the OCCM branded items that you can order for your chapter, along with the guidelines, examples of products, and suggested vendors.


A zip file of approved OCCM logo variations. Only the OCCM logo variations provided here are permitted for printing for any OCCM materials. THE LOGO MUST BE USED AS PROVIDED. NO ALTERING IS PERMITTED.


A zip file of approved OCCM single-color logo variations. THE LOGO MUST BE USED AS PROVIDED. NO ALTERING IS PERMITTED.

About OCCM

A brochure about the ministry of OCCM and its mission.

What is Orthodoxy?

A brochure that introduces Orthodox Christianity.


OCCM Bookmark

OCCM Committees Resources

Community Service Resources

A shared list of community service ideas by State for the Chapters.


Community Service Forms


Semester Plan: Before each semester, submit a rough plan of the semester's events.

Event Tracking: Throughout the semester--after each event, submit the hours and a brief description of the event you completed.

Evangelism Idea Bank

A list of ways to share the Orthodox Christian message around campus.


Evangelism Committee Forms


Evangelism Activity Log: A log to submit the date and description of your Chapter event(s).

PowerPoint Version

PDF Version

Worship Songs List: A PowerPoint containing the lyrics of approved worship songs that can be used in OCCM Worship Nights and OCCM Meetings.

OCCM New Chapter Start-up

Constitution Template

Download the Constitution template to use as a guideline in making your group’s constitution. Each university has its own mandatory requirements for a constitution, so please adjust the sample one as needed. 

New Chapter Registration

Take a quick moment to register your new student organization with us, so that we can add the name and location of your group to the OCCM website. 


We pray that this humble effort may help and assist you in starting a group on your campus. Please look to our Involvement Ideas for examples of on-campus events, outreach, community service, and donations.