Four Wheels, One Direction


As students, we are met with adversities left and right. The unseen depth of the fight
between good and evil is difficult to explain and even harder yet to detect and treat. Through
God’s grace we are able to overcome our stresses and He redirects us to the path He intended
for us. The trick is to maintain balance in our tires. The four tires in our life are our physical
health, emotional health, psychological health, and spiritual health. Like the tires of a car, if
one is either missing or simply not as strong as the other three, we are thrown off balance and
are unable to operate as intended.

My college experience thus far has been one for the books in both a positive and negative
way. One of the most memorable experiences I have had was God proving that a balance
between our four tires is indeed a necessity.

Exam week happened to fall on the same week as Holy Week during one of my spring
semesters and it caused a major discrepancy in my schedule. I was forced to decide between
studying for my exams or attending Pascha. I decided to study up until Pascha started,
then go to church for those couple of hours and focus on God. I was both convinced within
myself and told by the people around me that there is no possible way I could do well on my
exams if I didn’t redirect my priorities and study during those couple of hours instead. My
most difficult exam happened to fall on Good Friday, causing the biggest internal dispute I
have struggled with in a very long time. I debated within myself if I should spend Covenant
Thursday studying or at church. I then decided I would go to church and honestly, part of my
reasoning was because I was beginning to burn out. Life, in general, was taking its toll on me
and I could not quite pinpoint why. I studied a bit early Thursday morning, then I spent the
day at church. Through God’s grace, I did well on that exam. Up until now I fully believe He blessed me and graced me to do well because I chose to put Him first. I did my part and He
did His.

Time and time again we question ourselves throughout our college careers about what we
ought to prioritize in our lives but here’s the thing- we don’t see the miracles preformed for
us and around us constantly. No matter what it is we struggle with, God will always protect
us and help us out as long as we maintain consistency and levelness in our four tires.