Chapter Leadership

Chapter Leadership

The group of students in an OCCM Chapter is the nucleus of the OCCM life on campus. The group is facilitated and guided by a team which includes elected student leaders, a clergy (spiritual) advisor, and a faculty advisor (may not be required for all universities). 

Chapter President (Student Leader) 

The role of the OCCM Chapter President is to provide inspiration and leadership to fellow students and guide the direction of their Chapter as prescribed from the OCCM diocesan organization, through the active participation of their fellow members. The Chapter President is the main contact for students on campus and should direct, with the input of the other chapter members, the decisions made in regard to all aspects of the group’s activities and life. The Chapter President interacts with the other members of the leadership team by: 

  • Seeking the spiritual direction and input of the Chapter Clergy Advisor regarding the spiritual life of the chapter. 
  • Engaging the Chapter Faculty Advisor with hopes of expanding awareness of OCCM in the larger campus community and seeking opportunities for Orthodox Christianity to have a voice on campus through seminars, lectures, and participation in panels. 

Election Process of OCCM Chapter Leadership 

  • The OCCM Chapter Leadership is elected to a one-year term. 
  • The election process shall start in the month of March. Campaigning is not permitted. 
  • Interested candidates shall submit their letter of intention to the Chapter’s Executive Board by the date specified within the first week of March. 
  • The election process is open to all interested and qualified OCCM candidates. The qualifications are:
    • Being an active OCCM member; that is, a member who has actively attended meetings and participated in Chapter events and initiatives.
    • Being a member for at least a semester.
    • Being an active member of one of the Oriental Orthodox Churches, with regular attendance of the Divine Liturgy 
  • All registered and active OCCM Chapter members are eligible to vote. The voting member has to have been an OCCM member for at least a semester to participate in the voting process. o Non-OCCM members are not permitted to participate in the election. If someone votes who is not an OCCM member, the voting process shall be repeated. 
  • The voting process is to be overseen by the Chapter Clergy Advisor and the Chapter’s Executive Board.

Chapter Leadership Duties 

Chapter President’s duties shall include: 

  • Chair and oversee all local OCCM meetings and necessary paperwork. 
  • Represent their OCCM Chapter before all entities. 
  • Be in contact with the Regional Director at least once per month (more if needed) about past events and future plans. 
  • Oversee the local OCCM Vice President. 
  • Should the OCCM President not be present at a meeting, the presiding officer for that meeting shall be determined by the following hierarchy: Vice President, Regional Director, Evangelism Chair, Community Service Chair, Fellowship Chair. 

Chapter Vice President’s duties shall include: 

  • Assist the local OCCM President in the completion of his/her duties. 
  • Facilitate local member involvement in diocesan OCCM committees. 
  • Ensure that a permanent record of all OCCM business be sent to all Chapter members, including information received by the diocesan OCCM Leadership. 
  • In the event that the president is unable to fulfill their duties, the local OCCM Vice President will assume the role of local OCCM President. 

Chapter Treasurer’s duties shall include: 

  • Responsible for keeping track of all finances. 
  • Responsible for sending all financial records to the OCCM Executive Treasurer. 
  • Keep track of merchandise purchases. 
  • Provide a budget report to the President at the end of each academic year. 
  • Responsible for assisting the President in the creation of the budget for upcoming events.

Chapter Secretary’s duties shall include: 

  • Responsible for taking notes and compiling the minutes of each Chapter meeting. 
  • Responsible for sending minutes to the members within 24 hours of the meeting. 
  • Responsible for taking attendance at each meeting and event as well as keeping an updated record of all active members in that Chapter. 
  • Monitor the allocation of points per member, if such a system is in place for the Chapter. 

Chapter General Business Meetings (GBM) 

  • A Meeting Agenda for the General Business Meetings must be sent to the Regional Director for awareness, followed by the meeting minutes of the meeting.